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QC Healthcare is one of a kind online & Offline pathology service with high-class technology and machinery. It is a prime example of new technology and automated services with excellent accuracy result. We work on strict policies and procedures for best results every time which helps us to gain the trust of our patients worldwide. Our Clinical Team consists of highly advanced and knowledgeable doctors and several teams of pathologists who work under strict deadlines and expert supervision to deliver all the reports on time. The team is constantly trained on different aspects of medical science like Biochemistry, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Pathology etc.


We aim to create an examination service which is not only advanced in terms of technology but is able to cater any problem related to medical science. We have a trained sample collectors to ensure hassle-free proceedings. We believe to educate all our patients with the best of knowledge about each and every test that is conducted and about the need of being examined. We know the importance of health and clinical pathology play a key role in the diagnosing any disease in case of any patient, therefore, the machinery has to be highly responsive and accurate.

Values we preach:
All the members of our organization are focused on one core value – to build trust and develop a bond. We are not here just to conduct tests or provide reports but also to educate as many people as possible about the growing health issues and how to prevent them. Our online pathology service has friendly customer care executives and experienced doctors to focus on each and every problem of the patient. It was started with the intention of delivering a class-apart service that too within minimum time. We want to make the experience of pathology different from others and treat as many patients with love and care.
Our Strengths:
We have a strong online support along with excellent customer service to answer any queries from the patients. We have a quick appointment booking on the website and even through telephonic conversation according to your preferred time slots. We make sure to always provide a pleasant experience for all the people and focus on building relationships and trust. Our highly experienced team makes sure that the examinations are done without any long waiting time and the reports are generated within the stipulated time frame. We have an in-depth description and help our patients to understand the core of why are they being examined.
Achieving the Goals:
We aim at taking the pathology in medical science to an unbeatable level of technology and advancement. Our service is here to cater to the needs of the people related to the diagnosis of different diseases or health problems. Whether it is a fitness freak or a patient we are here to help every section of the society that too with highly advanced and protected sampling methods. We are here to develop not just the online service but an entire community of trusting and happy people with a beautiful bond to share.